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I, the polymorphous perverse subculture vulture known as Kate Rigg, am getting too old to remember my own sordid and trashy stories. I'm blogging so that my future self can be a voyeur into my own voyeuristic dips into culture. Kulturefuk math: Gumption=access, I may not last long on this tasting spree in the world of kulturefuk, but for now, as they say at a vogueing competition: It's ON.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Diane Von Furstenberg at Skinny Dip SOHO HOUSE hotness

This was a hot show. First of all who knew that bird kites fromo china town plus bamboo planting poles from 27th st equalled fabulousness sailing down the runway before the models. Me and Leda that's who! I gotta tell you her electrical tape zebra stripes and feather headdress madness was pure couture genius. How oh how do we pull this shit together week after week for a box of tic tacs and a metrocard? The crowd was pretty sexxy i have to say and Michael and Carrie only got slightly paparazzied which of course is totally against the secret handshake NO PHOTOs policy at the house , which i totally get because some people , ahem maybe even people i know quite well, do not need their photo taken at random parties when they are off the grid and lookin at models on rooftops. So yeah, sato and the girls did another pretty brilliant modern dance slash lion king puppet slash performance art turn as pre-show with the fire eating Miss TiffanyValentine cavorting in her teeny tiny little nyphette of an outfit. And then the DVF gorgeousness descended. I like staging fashion shows. I like the drama of the clothes being surrounded by actual drama. We also had on that night the synchro swimmers in the 4 foot pool which is ridiculous but seriously elevates the show. And burlesque of Danger Dame Veronica Varlow doing a really vintage looking sexxy sexxy fan dance. I of course never get to have any fun at these my night mostly consists of running back and forth saying whre the fuck is the sound in the back speakers and who ate the model's food (and oxymoron) and ok, zebra birds, GO! Its like running a drama camp by the pool on the roof. and there is drama. and it is camp.



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